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If you need a professional and quality radio commercial, LMC will develop an audio advertisement that can be aired on radio or posted to social media. The creation process may include a script, voice-over, editing, and promotion. (Prices vary depending on needs)

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Radio Show Consultant

If your radio show/podcast doesn't have the ratings that you've always dreamed of, LMC can help with that! Different ideas that are guaranteed to be INFORMATIVE, ENTERTAINING, and ENGAGING will be presented. We will draw up a new show format that will help you take your show to the next level, provide you with tips that can make the show stand out, and we won't stop until you have reached your goals! (Prices vary depending on needs)

Do you have a blog site but don't have the time? LMC understands that blogging can be very time consuming so we've come to save you some time and money! We will complete research on the topic, write a factual and engaging post, and gather imaging to match the topic. (Prices vary depending on needs)


Do you have a brand, product, or event that needs more advertisement at a more broad reach? Then you've come to the right place! With all of LMC's platforms, (Radio, podcasts, social media, etc.) and all that our affordable

Sponsorship Packages has to offer, your brand, product, or event will be sure to see a rise in numbers.

(Prices vary depending on needs)

Whether you have a new project coming out or a product you need to promote, LMC has you covered! You're more than welcome to get heard and be seen on LMC Radio! Services may include a flyer, social media promotions, radio spins, and more!

(Prices vary depending on needs)


Do you have a business that needs advertising but don't have the budget? No worries! There's a such thing as Limitless Media Coverage! We work around the clock to make sure you meet your goals weather a radio commercial or social media, LMC has what you need! (Prices vary depending on needs)

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Who We Are?

Limitless Media Coverage LLC is a media community that  provides all the latest news via radio, blog, & video. LMC also offers services such as blogging, voice-over work, audio and video commercials, and more.

What We Do?

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Our Mission?

Limitless Media Coverage LLC.'s goal is to be the most trusted media source in the Urban Community by informing, entertaining, inspiring, and providing the content and services relevant to unify the culture.

Contact Us!

Please feel free to fill out the form or shoot us an email to help us improve our site! We thank you for your constructive criticism and advice!

Help us entertain you the way that you want!

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