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2-Day old Baby Wrongfully Taken from Mother by Kentucky CPS and Police

May 16, 2021, In Lexington, Kentucky a woman named Ms. Sellers had just given birth to her baby Zephiniah.

According to a source at operationstopcps "Ms. Sellers wanted Zephaniah to stay in her room at all times to reduce his exposure to COVID. Ms. Sellers assertiveness was mislabeled as "angry" and "overreactive" just hours after giving birth when nurses insisted that Zephaniah go to the nursery.

A report for "risk of neglect" was made by Holly Rollins, MSW at Baptist Hospital. Ms. Rollins NEVER MET Ms. Sellers or Zephaniah prior to this malicious report being made. The report was made just hours after Zephaniah's birth. "

On May 19, 2021, Kamika Joyner, CPS Social worker, arrived at Baptist Hospital to meet with Ms. Sellers and Zephaniah. Ms. Sellers and Zephaniah were both discharged home from the hospital prior to the arrival of Kamika Joyner. When Ms. Joyner arrived, Ms. Sellers was breastfeeding Zephaniah before heading home to begin their life together.

Ms. Sellers asked Ms. Joyner to leave her hospital room so she could continue her discharge plan. Ms. Joyner refused to honor Ms. Sellers request and instead, Ms. Joyner spearheaded and orchestrated the attack on Ms. Sellers and Zephaniah's life. Ms. Sellers was choked by hospital security and Zephaniah was ripped from Ms. Sellers hands by an officer with the Lexington Police Department. (Source: operationstopcps.com )

Ms. Sellers was arrested for 2nd degree disorderly conduct and taken to jail. Zephaniah was taken to the nursery where he stayed overnight while CPS found a foster home for him to be discharged to.

Since being taken and placed into a foster home, Zephiniah has contracted Covid-19 among other health issues.

Warning: the content of the following video may be triggering and alarming.

This is not the first case of something like this happening recently. Currently the case is still open and the next court date is August 30th.

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