• Skyy Miller

Keyshia Cole Got Her Groove back!

​As seen on the last season of “Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood,” Keyshia Cole was sent on a blind date by her cousin, Marquisha, and her stylist and friend, Zell Swagg. Apparently, they found her date on Instagram and as soon as he tried to get too cozy, she shut him down letting him know that her needs are met, thanks to her vibrator. In recent pictures and videos posted on social media, it looks like the R&B singer may be getting intimate with one of her fans. Yesterday, an aspiring rapper by the name of Niko Khale, who is 22-years old, posted a pic of him and Keyshia riding ATV’s, captioning the photo, “It ain’t where we been it’s where we goin.” Ironically, Niko tagged her in a freestyle over one of her records just last November! She clearly like what she heard because they’re allegedly booed up. ​ I guess its clear to see that Keyshia doesn't have a problem dating her fans...it was just the one that her cousin and friend picked for her!