• Skyy Miller

Lil Wayne is Back in Court Due to Motion Filed Against Birdman

Lil Wayne has another accusation against Birdman regarding some files that he refuses to hand over to the courts. Wayne is back in court demanding that the judge penalizes the leader of Cash Money, accusing him of not turning in documents relating to his fellow YMCMB members Nicki Minaj and Drake. On February 21st, Wayne filed a motion to force production of documents in his $50 million-dollar lawsuit against Cash Money Records, which has been going on for quite some time now. Wayne’s accusations include Birdman deceiving the courts by pretending that Cash Money has handed over all documents that was requested by him. According to Wayne, Cash Money produced 121,000 pages of documents, but calls most of them monotonous accounting reports, which were produced by Cash Money’s parent company, Universal Music Group. He claims that Cash Money was ordered to provide documents containing important information necessary for the case, but he continues not to comply. Per theblast.com, it is pointed out that while Cash Money states that their company has earned over $200 million in capital, there are no accounting records, no general ledger, no bank account records, and no tax returns…at all. Weezy says that the information that Cash Money is withholding involves documents relating to Nicki Minaj and Drake. It was demanded that all records concerning Nicki Minaj and the label since 2011 were to be turned over. The label says that they don’t have any documents, but Wayne says otherwise because Nicki has been releasing albums with the company since 2011. Wayne also wants information regarding Cash Money’s deals with Drake, and again, the label declares that there are no documents available. Lil Wayne’s motion against Cash Money also alleges that Cash Money has not turned in evidence of payment to Birdman or his brother, Ronald Williams, made by the label. Additionally, he says that they refuse to turn over all taxes returns since 2011. “Unless Cash Money admits to criminal failure to file tax returns for 2011 to present, Cash Money must produce these returns,” Wayne said. The judge has not yet ruled on the motion.

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