• Skyy Miller

The Moment We’ve all Been Waiting for: Is Kirk Frost the Baby’s Daddy?

If you keep up with reality TV shows like I do, then you’ll know that the loving and iconic “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” couple, Kirk Frost and Rasheeda, has been having issues since Kirk’s infidelity and his alleged secret baby has been broadcasted all throughout the sixth season of the series. ​ As you may remember, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, started the season out with some big news including, Kirk Frost, Kirk’s mistress Jasmine Washington, a newborn baby, and messy boots Karlie Redd. It was revealed that Jasmine was dealing with a guy in a correctional facility by the name of Rod, but she ended up pregnant. Detective Karlie asked all the right questions, which is when the “truth” came out. Kirk is supposedly baby Kannon’s father. Kirk denied having the affair at first, however he consistently denies fathering another woman’s child. Jasmine then decides to sue Kirk to prove that he is in fact the “baby daddy.” Well, the results are in, and according to Bossip and Georgia Family Court Judge Debra Turner, the paternity suit filed by ex-stripper, Jasmine Washington, against Frost has been closed. Apparently, Judge Turner ordered Washington to track down Kirk and serve him with with her paternity complaint within a two week time-frame or the case would be dismissed. Washington has been having a hard time catching up with Frost. She claims that he has been avoiding her and her lawyer, Tony Mathis, said that he would get a warrant to force him to accept the court papers. Jasmine eventually got close enough to Kirk to serve him, and he agreed to comply … but it was two months past the deadline! Meanwhile, Kirk and his wife of several years, plus co-star, Rasheeda, have separated as a result of the affair. Mathis stated that over the summer Kirk had planned to take a paternity test and if baby Kannon turned out to be his, he would pay child support. Because the case has been dismissed, Kirk and Jasmine may have agreed to a settlement outside of the courtroom. With everything that has transpired, Jasmine’s case won’t go to court and we may never know whether or not Kirk is the father.