• Autumn Landon

2021 Movie Releases: Theaters and At Home

It's been a hard year for the theater industry and anyone that just loves to go watch movies on the big screen. With theaters either being completely shut down or having limited access, many movies have had their releases pushed back. And pushed back again. An again. With the availability of vaccines and people feeling more comfortable in theaters, many films are finally being able to be shown in 2021, instead of there original 2020 dates.,

These dates are all subject to change depending on the circumstances of the virus during the back end of this year. Many studios and filmmakers are choosing to either release only on streaming services (Disney+'s Luca) or having dual release in both theaters and on streaming services. (HBO Max - Warner Bros.'s The Suicide Squad, The Conjuring 3, etc)

Here are some of the most anticipated movies that are still set to be released this year:


Candyman - 8/27


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - 9/3

Dear Evan Hansen - 9/24