• Madeline Foskey-Lott

5 Activities to Liven Up Your Christmas Day

When it comes to Christmas, most families pick a house to go to, eat some good food, and open their gifts. Now this doesn’t sound bad in theory, but the same thing every year can start to get a little stale. Take a look at some of the activities below to liven up the family’s Christmas.

White Elephant

This game is not for the weak. To play, you’ll create a pile of wrapped gifts that are gender neutral or could be used for any age. Everyone will gather around the pile and take turns picking a gift at random. The first person must choose from the pile, but the next person has the option to choose a gift from the pile OR steal a gift from someone who went before them. The game ends when the pile of presents is gone, and everyone has a gift in hand.

Pick a Number

To play, you’ll need to number the gifts that are specifically for the game then grab a second set of numbers and place them out of sight. Place them under cups on the table, behind tabs on a board, or any other creative way you can think of. Each player will reveal a number and open the gift with the corresponding number on it.

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