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5 Activities to Liven Up Your Christmas Day

When it comes to Christmas, most families pick a house to go to, eat some good food, and open their gifts. Now this doesn’t sound bad in theory, but the same thing every year can start to get a little stale. Take a look at some of the activities below to liven up the family’s Christmas.

White Elephant

This game is not for the weak. To play, you’ll create a pile of wrapped gifts that are gender neutral or could be used for any age. Everyone will gather around the pile and take turns picking a gift at random. The first person must choose from the pile, but the next person has the option to choose a gift from the pile OR steal a gift from someone who went before them. The game ends when the pile of presents is gone, and everyone has a gift in hand.

Pick a Number

To play, you’ll need to number the gifts that are specifically for the game then grab a second set of numbers and place them out of sight. Place them under cups on the table, behind tabs on a board, or any other creative way you can think of. Each player will reveal a number and open the gift with the corresponding number on it.

Share the Love with a Cookie

This activity doesn’t have any objectives to it; it’s just a really nice way to interact with everyone. Everyone will grab a cookie, but you can’t eat it. What you would do is, go to someone else and give that person a piece of your cookie and they do the same for you. Then you both hug each other and express how much the other person means to you.

Christmas Gift Hunt

Gather some small, inexpensive, fun gifts and hide them around the house or yard. Set it up like you would an Easter egg hunt. Give everyone a stocking or small gift sack and finders keepers. After the hunt, everyone can gather on the living room and open up what they found together.

Christmas Karaoke

After a few glasses of eggnog, you’re in the mood for something fun. Maybe a few Christmas songs to get every in the holiday spirit. Flip on the TV and head over to YouTube; don’t forget your brush to sing into. You and the whole family can join in on the fun. No vocal skills required!

Happy Holidays from LMC to you! What are somethings you like to do on Christmas Day with your family?

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