• Madeline Foskey-Lott

5 Foods that Can Help You Burn Fat in a Natural and Healthy Way

Thanksgiving has ended, the yummy leftovers have been finished off, and a few diets have been broken. Let’s be honest, many of us on strict diets did a little (or a lot) cheating for the special occasion and now must figure out how to make up for the calories gained.

That’s where this list comes in. Below are several foods that will help burn fat in a natural and healthy way and get you back on track.


When eaten daily, avocados can aid in weight loss. A lot of times when you eat one for breakfast, the properties of them will lead you to eating less for the rest of the day. Make sure you don’t eat them along with other high fat foods or you’ll find it a bit harder to burn that extra fat.


Let me start off by saying this, sadly, does not include fried chicken. With that being said, baked, boiled, broiled, or grilled chicken can out in your weight loss journey when used in a balanced diet. It contains lean proteins that protect muscle mass and burns more calories than fat.


Those of us that love spicy foods can continue to enjoy the heat while losing weight. They can help speed up your metabolism and the rate your body uses energy. Naturally chillies will warm up your body and a lot of people find that fat will burn faster this way. For those who don’t necessarily like spicy food, you can still benefit from them without eating them. Chillies can be turned into an oil and used on the skin to increase circulation and reduce cellulite.


This sweet and refreshing fruit has very high-water content which makes you feel full. The low-calorie content helps keep the extra weight off while also helping you feel satisfied. An added bonus is that watermelon helps keep your blood pressure low. Be careful while consuming; because of the high-water content, it could have you running to the restroom more often than you would like.


Blueberries have been known to help burn body fat which belly fat being a high burn area. They’re high antioxidant levels help keep you healthier overall as well. When eaten inn a balance diet, you’ll find that blueberries help lower your cholesterol and improve your glucose levels.

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