• Madeline Foskey-Lott

5 Halloween Costumes You’ll be Seeing a Lot of this Year

Bernie Sanders in mittens

The iconic image of Bernie keeping warm has been turned into memes, puzzles, t-shirts, crochet dolls, and whatever else was thought of. I’m sure a cozy Halloween costume is next.

Squid Game contestants and red guards

Since the show has gained popularity, many people have been reenacting scenes from the series. Be prepared to see many red jumpsuits walking the streets accompanied by even more green suits. No, it’s not a bad dream. It’s just Halloween.

Creepy doll

Speaking of Squid Game costumes, the giant creepy doll who hosted Red Light, Green Light couldn’t be left out. The doll could be the creepiest costume showing up to the party whether you know where it’s from or not.

Kim K at the Met Gala

Are we really sure that Kim Kardashian wasn’t just taking her costume out for a test run? Regardless, this outfit has inspired some cool costumes this year. If you are going as the stylish shadow, remember to stay safe and keep to well-lit areas. You are pretty hard to see after all.

Among Us

Ah yes, the popular game that can be played for hours on end will now walk Among Us door to door for some yummy treats or maybe even a trick or two. The space suits are super affordable on amazon and are it really Halloween without these guys at the party?

What are you going to be for Halloween?

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