• Madeline Foskey-Lott

5 Spooky Treats You Can Make with Your Kids

Poison Candy Apples

This sweet treat is super easy to make with only a handful of ingredients. A little black food coloring can give your apples an eerie look.


Dirt Cake

Super easy to make and the kids will have a blast adding all the creepy candies to it. Throw in some gummy worms, spiders, bones, or whatever else you can think of!


Severed Popcorn Hand

Grab some popcorn, your favorite candy bits, and toss it in a plastic, non-toxic glove for a sweet and savory snack.


Pretzel Bones

Wondering what to do with your unfinished bag of pretzels? Stick some mini marshmallows on both ends and dip it in yummy, melted white chocolate.


Rice Krispie Monsters

The kids will be sure to have a blast designing their very own little monsters. They’ll have even more fun devouring them as well.


Let us know some of your favorite spooky treats.

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