• Madeline Foskey-Lott

7 Ways to Unwind After a Long Week

Read a Book

-Or anything else that you enjoy! Find a comfy spot, grab your favorite book, magazine, or an interesting article, and get lost in the words.

Watch a Movie

Pop some popcorn, pour some lemonade, and find the remote; it’s time to watch that movie you keep skipping over or finish the series you started two weeks ago.


Essential oils are known for the effects they have on your mood. Pop your favorite scent in, take a deep breath, and just relax for a moment. Consider lighting some candles and dimming the lights in place of the diffuser.

Bubble Bath

Speaking of candles, why not place them around the tub and run yourself a bubble bath. There’s something about the warm, soothing water that melts away most of the stress from that week.

A Game

We all know how important it is to work hard but sometimes we need to step back from all that hard work and enjoy times of play as well. Set aside some time to play your favorite game and have some fun.


Play your favorite tunes and dance, sing, hum your little heart out. Music tends to have the most impact on your mood and is often used to destress more than anything.

Get Creative

Creativity is a great way to get lost in the moment and enjoy what’s happening in front of you. It doesn’t have to be perfect. All that matters is that it’s helping you unwind and relax. Feel free to have a glass of your favorite wine while your creativity flows through you.

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