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After a year of being virtual homecoming has returned to HBCUs

Covid has affected many things that we students have gotten accustomed to, like hanging with friends and having a homecoming dance. Thanks to covid last year, homecoming had to go virtual; now, in 2021 their back in person.

According to NBC News, many HBCUs are starting to welcome back in-person activities and gatherings after all of the events were canceled last year due to Covid. The biggest event is the one that all HBCU students look for: Homecoming.

Homecoming for many HBCU schools is a time to show out and have a good time, catch up with current and past students, and, more importantly, the big homecoming football game followed by the performance from their marching band.

For many people that don't know, the marching band is an essential piece of many HBCUs. A study was taken in 2009 and showed that 50 percent of HBCU students, alumni and currently enrolled, have listed the history and reputation of the marching band as the determining factor towards attending the school of their choice.

A tremendous example as to why the marching band is vital is the movie Drumline starring Nick Cannon. The movie drives a good story about holding the marching band as their bread and butter as many black colleges currently do.

Ty Couey, president of the National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Alumni Associations Foundation, talked about homecoming, saying, "For Black colleges, homecoming brings about a sense of nostalgia or a place to relive fond memories. It's about trading old stories from years past and passing knowledge to the younger generation."

Even though some colleges have opened back up homecoming, few have canceled homecoming altogether, including Morehouse College. Morehouse College spokeswoman Jasmine Gurley talked about the cancelation saying, "Given the rise in Covid and the different variants that have been surfacing across Georgia, we had to make the decision for our campus community. No one is thrilled to not have homecoming because homecoming is such a fantastic and memorable time, but I think our community and what we've heard from alumni and students is that they pretty much expected this, knowing that we operated in their best interest.

For the schools that have brought back in-person homecoming, the alumni and current students will enjoy an experience like no other that only comes around once a year. Many schools will be having different celebrities sponsoring the events, such as Kevin Hart, Lil Baby, Stephen A Smith, etc. This will be a heavenly experience with students that can finally hug their friends, watch football, and dance along to the smooth, dazzling, and funky sound of the marching band.

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