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Black Fungus Cases in India Believed to be Linked to COVID 19 Steroid.

Mucormycosis (Black Fungus) is an infection of the sinuses, lungs, skin and brain that is contracted through mold in things such as soil, rotting produce/ bread or compost piles. The fungus is said to be rare but those with weakened immune systems are at risk.

Covid 19 steroids are being linked to the rise of Black Fungus cases in India due to causing reduced immunity and raising blood sugar levels in both diabetic and non diabetic Covid-19 patients. Due to reduced immunity, patients are more susceptible to the mold.

According to the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, the rise of cases is not only linked to the steroid itself but rather its' misuse.

The Journal states " With the blatant misuse of steroids, new cases of mucormycosis are coming into light every day, and as such it becomes important for a treating ophthalmologist to familiarize themselves with the disease, aiding in early diagnosis, a point that cannot be emphasized enough. Delay in recognizing the early symptoms and signs could prove cataclysmic in a disease that already has such a high mortality rate. "

Cases have risen to 4,925 in Andhra Padesh in the past week. Ten new cases were reported in Chittor, eight in Ananta Puramu, five in Guntur, two in Kurnool and one in Kadapa.

Dr. Renuka Brado states " We are already seeing two to three cases a week here. It's a nightmare inside a pandemic! "

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