• Madeline Foskey-Lott

Bride Kicks Her Bridesmaid Out of Her Wedding Over the Dress SHE Chose

We have all heard stories of bridezillas acting out in ways that’ll leave you hurt and confused. Often times the victims will take to social media for outside opinions. Sites like Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are full of stories about how the stress of wedding planning took its toll on the bride and created a monster.

Alena Yildiz took to Tik Tok with her wild bridezilla tale. Her close friend was getting married and invited Yildiz to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Like most brides, she handpicked a dress for her wedding party to wear. The dress in question was a floor length gown covered in silver gems with blue accents leaving room for plenty of cleavage and a sexy thigh high slit.

It seems that the bride underestimated that sexiness of her bridesmaids’ dress because when the time came to see everyone in “uniform”, to this bridezilla’s surprise, Yildiz looked stunning in her dress. The bride chose to drop her as a bridesmaid and a guest because she looked better than her, and that simply can not happen at her wedding.

Unfortunately, this took a toll on the friendship but can you blame her?