• Madeline Foskey-Lott

Ciara Speaks Out on the Struggles of Parenting

Ciara and Russell have been raising 3 beautiful children together and like most families, they worry about whether they’re going a good job with them.

According to Yahoo, Ciara recently spoke with OhBubble about her experiences as a mother for “Mommy Confessions”. She spoke about the trouble she has with being consistent with her discipline and how she feels it’s her biggest parenting fail. It’s hard for her to balance being super firm with her “No’s.”

She goes on to say “I do believe that you need to be consistent with your babies, and I’ve been getting better at it. I do sometimes struggle a little bit where I may say, ‘You can’t have your iPad for a certain amount of days’, and then maybe I cut that one day short.” Something about those precious faces makes a parent soften up on their children and it’s no different for celebrities.

She also expresses how she feels when her children say certain things to her, specifically a certain phrase that could be thrown at her in the heat of the moment. “One of the meanest things my kids have ever said to me is ‘You’re mean.’ I don’t like when my kids talk back and when they say that I’m mean, that actually hurts my feelings. So, I am pretty firm about not saying that to your mom,” she explains.

If you’re struggling with your kiddos, don’t feel like you’re alone in the battle. Many woman, even the most famous, have a hard time when it comes to parenting from time to time.