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Cop put hands on Woman's Neck Outside of Jack Harlow Concert

Jack Harlow speaks up about wanting cop fired who put hands on woman wanting to see his show.

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According to sources from TMZ "The Cobb County Police Department takes any and all allegations of officer misconduct very seriously. We are aware of the video snippet posted to Instagram involving our officer and a young woman outside the Coca-Cola Roxy. The incident is going through an internal review to get a full understanding of the entire incident before any potential action is taken."

Jack saw the video and was outraged, saying, "... I was disgusted by that cop and all I wanted to do was make something good happen for this girl immediately…I told the world to help me identify her so I could find a way to give her a hug and give her as many tickets to as many shows as she wants."

Jack went on ... "But that's not enough and its not a solution to a systemic issue that people who don't look like me have to face. The next step is identifying this police officer and getting him unemployed as fast as we can. Assaulting a young woman and putting his hands on her neck is sickening."