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Drake and MNF: A Duo I never thought would’ve come together

Monday Night Football (MNF) has been a staple for football viewers since 1970 with great football and music; on September 13 for Week 1 ESPN MNF sound will be completely different.

According to TMZ, Rapper, Actor, and singer Drake (Aubrey Graham) have joined with ESPN to control and illustrate the music for Monday Night Football for Ten games.

To me, this is a good move for ESPN because bringing in a multi-platinum artist to work for the audio could bring in not only more buzz but bring in more viewers to your presentation.

This is not the first time Drake has collaborated with ESPN, just last month Drake took control of the Sportscenter show to plug in the release of his album “Certified Lover Boy” that had released on the 3rd of this month.

This move could potentially bring in more fans which means more money for ESPN because the sound plays a factor in your show.

So, it appears with the collaboration Drake will be playing his new songs from “CLB” and also some of his old tracks; so you may hear classics like “Over, 0 to 100, Worst Behavior, and 10 Bandz.”

More good news is that with Drake taking over the sound he has the opportunity to put out other artists meaning that’ll be more exposure for that person and more publicity.

Looking forward to what Drake will do since he is a huge sports fan; maybe after this season, Drake could take over the sound for Monday Night Football permanently.

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