• melissa-mb

If You're Under 13, Roblox May require Age verification

To protect their younger users from content reserved for older audiences, may be requiring verification with a government issued ID.

For some features such as their voice chat, it will be available to those who verify they are at least 13. With becoming one of the more popular online game platforms for users between 6-13, it is smart to keep things age suitable.

A writer at The Verge states that "Verification will require uploading an “ID card, driver’s license, or passport” as well as a selfie taken “on the spot” to help confirm that the ID was really uploaded by the person to whom it belongs. Roblox only accepts government-issued IDs, which could pose a problem — younger players are less likely to have formal IDs than older players, and that’s likely even less common in certain regions where an ID is harder to obtain."

Their audience is growing and they are trying to increase to older users as well.