• Madeline Foskey-Lott

Is the NyQuil Chicken on TikTok Worth a Try?

As the pandemic progresses with no end in sight, the TikTok community has resurfaced the strangest home remedy. Recipes for the NyQuil chicken has been shared, duoed, and recreated is an attempt to stay healthy from the new covid variants.

Basically, users have been submerging chicken in the drowsy cold medicine and preparing is several ways. Whether it’s seared, fried, sautéed, or boiled, the trend could possibly cause more harm than good.

Some users claim that boiling the chicken for five minutes should do the trick, but in actuality, it could land you in the hospital for food poisoning from undercooked chicken. If you do manage to fully cook the meat, you have also fully cooked out the water and alcohol from the medicine and left a very high amount of drugs in the chicken. Essentially, you’d be consuming 10 times more than the recommended about of medicine which we all know could lead to some serious problems.

All in all, the NyQuil chicken is not worth it and you would be better off just taking a spoonful before bed.