• melissa-mb

It's About to be Cuffing season, Are you Ready?

With October just a few days away, soon we'll be cuddling down with new shows to watch on Netflix.

Whether with besties, boos or yourself it's important to remember what you want out of yourself this season.

Cuffing season isn't all about dating, this can also be a time of self-love and discovery. Take yourself out to that place you have been wanting to go or treat yourself to something nice.

Of course, If you're in a relationship try something new with your partner. If you have someone you're interested in be bold and ask them out, who knows? Know exactly what you want out of the relationship or make it clear what both of you are interested in at the beginning. Being single is not something to feel awkward about either, own it and do you!

Illustration by Davian Chester

Do what you need to stay warm, if that means you keep a sweater that isn't yours, so be it.

So don't forget to plan fall activities (If you live somewhere with pumpkins and mazes go for it!) or haunted houses if you're down for being scared.