• Malana Perkins

Jean-Pierre Adams Dies After 39-Year Coma

French soccer player Jean-Pierre Adams passed away on Monday, September 6, 2021 at the age of 73 after being in a coma for almost four decades.

Born in Senegal, Jean-Pierre Adams later moved to north-central France with his grandmother at the age of 10. While in France, Adams played soccer (internationally known as football) in local sports clubs in his area and then later ended up playing for Nice, a French professional Football club. After playing with Nice for a few years, he then went on to play for a top division French Football club called Paris-Saint Germain in 1977-1979.

In 1982, Adams was scheduled to have knee surgery done at a hospital located in Lyon, France following from his ligament rupture injury. During the procedure, the medical staff were on strike at the time which left an anesthetist and an inexperienced trainee to finish the job.

Unfortunately, the pair made multiple errors during the procedure, one of those primary errors was the displacement of the breathing tube which blocked entry into Adams lungs and ended in extensive brain damage causing him to slip into a coma.

In the 1990’s, both the anesthetist and trainee went to court where they admitted to their irresponsibility and were given a one-month suspension for their job and fined. After the incident, Adams was cared for by his wife, Bernadette Adams, in Nimes where he later died.

Jean-Pierre Adams is known as one of the first international black athletes to play in France. He was remembered by the Paris-Saint Germain team and OGC Nice tweeted their condolences.