• Malana Perkins

Jelani Day: The Tragic Ending Of The ISU Student Part II

On October 9, Jelani Day’s family held a memorial service for Jelani Day in celebration of his life at the Danville High School. Before he was laid to rest, many still speculate what happened to Jelani Day. Unfortunately, there’s a speculation going on social media that is unsettling.

The day before Day’s memorial, The Chicago Sun-Times published an article in which it informs its readers about what happened to Jelani Day and how the Lasalle County office is still investigating the incident.

As the article went on, it starts to describe the condition of Day’s body as they claim that Day’s mother Carmen Bolden Day and their attorney, Hallie Bezner, said that the second autopsy by a private forensic pathologist found that Jelani Day’s body had missing upper and lower teeth following the absence of his organs, brain, and spleen.

Following this Article, Social Media had an uproar regarding this statement made by the Chicago Sun-Times as many declare justice and closure for the family of Jelani Day.

However, Carmen Bolden Day denies this speculation in her statement regarding the multiple autopsy reports operated on her son. In a statement, Jelani ‘s Mother said:

“Some things need and have to be clarified. No organs were missing. I do not want to stray off from the facts. There were contradicting facts from the first preliminary autopsy compared to the second independent autopsy, but this is not a case of organ harvesting, however, my son did not put himself in a