• Madeline Foskey-Lott

Julia Fox Talks About Her Magical Dates with Kanye

For Julia and Kanye, the new year couldn’t have started off any better. According to an interview with Julia, they met on New Year’s Eve in Miami and hit it off.

They danced and laughed with Julia’s friends and had a wonderful night bringing in the new year.

The fun doesn’t stop there. A short plane ride from Miami, changes the scene to New York where the two met up to see a play and have dinner after.

Kanye had more plans than just enjoying a delicious meal with a beautiful woman. He directed a photo shoot with him and Julia in front of the other patrons at the restaurant. Nothing out of the ordinary for Kanye and the other guest loved the show while dining.

But wait, there’s more! Proceeding all the fun Kanye presented, He still had one more big gesture for Julia. He took her to a nice hotel suite that was fully stocked with clothes just for Julia.

Naturally she was swept off her feet and is very excited to see where things go with her new boo.