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Kansas Mother says her apartment complex completely cleaned out her home by MISTAKE!

Myrohn Guthrie says she stopped by her Kansas City town home to grab some of her kid’s belongings and discovered that her home had been cleaned out. Meaning no furniture, TV’s, beds, even the food and important documents like birth certificates and social security cards was completely gone! When she contacted Gateway Plaza, the apartment managers instructed her to call the police and thought she had been burglarized, however it was not, it was a mistake made by the Complex Company.

“I went in there and it was nothing, like it was absolutely nothing” Myrohn said in a recent interview with “The Shade Room” “At first, i don't know what i thought. I still ran upstairs to look to see if my stuff was still up there.”

Guthrie said she spent several hours trying to convince management that there was absolutely no way her home was burglarized with no forced entry. The complex soon realized what happened and told her ‘We’re so sorry we cleaned out the wrong unit” Because someone missed the correct apartment location by one number, caused Gurthrie to lose $32,000 worth of property for her and her children.

She is now living with family with no intentions on moving into a new home, being that she has lost so many important documents like Social security cards and other necessary items needed to move in a new place.

Photo credit: FOX 4 Kansas

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