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Katt Williams Vs Kevin Hart: The first non Hip-Hop Verzuz Battle?

So, for people who are not aware Verzuz is a battle where two rappers or DJs compete on who has the better catalog of music whether it takes place live in person or on Instagram. However, could we finally see the first Verzuz battle that doesn't include rappers?

According to Bossip, 92QJams host, Persia Nichole interviewed legendary stand-up comedian Katt Williams on whether he would like to go against Kevin Hart in the first non-rapping Verzuz battle.

Katt Williams first said "I started Verzuz, The first 'versus' ever promoted was Steve Harvey v. Katt Williams...So we don't need to ask me if I would have any interest in things that I am the originator of."

During his over 20-year career in the comedy game, Katt Williams has become infamous with his hilarious jokes, outrageous roasts to other celebrities, and laugh-out-loud catchphrases, and outlandish personality.

Katt Williams also mentioned during the interview “comedically beefing is my lane, it’s almost cheating for me–I have over 10 specials so I don’t have to pick but 2 jokes from each special, and I’ve already deaded anybody whose last name ain’t Pryor, anyway.”

Now ironically, Katt and Kevin did have beef with one another years ago and earlier in his career Kevin Hart was being compared to Katt Williams with his stand-ups and acting in movies.

Katt Williams further explained saying “but, having thrown that out the window we don’t wanna add 52 movies, we certainly don’t wanna add 11 specials, we certainly don’t wanna add 49 television appearances, we don't wanna add an Emmy it’s almost a battle we can’t really afford to be in because he’s on his 16th 100-city tour so it probably don’t match up the way you think it match up…so I’m sayin, I wouldn’t involve me.”

With that all being said if we ever get to see these two go head to head you can guarantee that the event would sell out and that with not much thought Katt Williams would probably win; however that doesn’t mean Kevin can’t hold his own.

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