• Madeline Foskey-Lott

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Introduces Their New Baby to The World

Sunday, February 6th, Kylie posted a picture on instagram of her newborn son with 4 year-old Stormie holding her baby brother’s hand.

The picture is captioned with a blue heart and the child’s birthday 02/02/2022. A lot of people would say this date brings a lot of positive energy into the world.

Millions of fans share their excitement over the new addition to Travis and Kylie’s family. They will have to wait a little longer to see the baby’s face and gush over the cuteness.

According to Kylie, this is only #2 of many. The young billionaire plans on having 7 children in total but will take her time to avoid over stressing her body.

Good luck to the new parents and may you continue to enjoy your growing family.