• Arianna Johnson

Lil Nas X’s Father Claps Back At Boosie For His Remarks About His Son… Boosie Responds

Although Lil Nas is very nonchalant and unbothered by Lil Boosie’s negative remarks about him and his sexuality, Lil Nas’s father has been responding to the situation a little differently.

There has been multiple occasions where boosie has not only disrespected Lil Nas but degraded him as well. Boosie has made it known that he does not like his homosexuality choices and says that he is influencing the younger generation because his music reflects his sexuality. Even though Boosie has made plenty direct remarks about Lil Nas, Lil Nas only gives vague and general responses, Until this weekend when Lil Nas came out and said that the two were recording a song together.

After that Lil Boosie continued to fire back at him by telling Lil Nas to kill himself. After that tweet was posted and deleted fans were heated and told boosie that he took things way too far and is on the verge of being “cancelled”. After those remarks, later came Lil Nas’s father with a few words. “How the hell you a gangsta rapper promoting drugs, gun violence, degrading women and getting high every video talking about you’re for the kids man sit your old man looking a** down.” He also said “The game has past you. We real Bankhead over here. Not like the guy who claims it,” alot of fans thought those were shots fired at T.I. After that Boosie then later came out and said “Dont be mad because your son came out like that….i know it hurts.”

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