• Madeline Foskey-Lott

Lil Wayne Accused of Threatening His Bodyguard with AR-15

One of Lil Wayne’s bodyguards filed a report with local police claiming that he and Wayne got into a physical altercation, with each other, and an AR-15 was pulled on him. The guard immediately ran out the house to the community’s guard booth to contact police. He says that the fight started because Wayne accused him of taking and leaking photos of him.

According to TMZ, the guard was told to leave Lil Wayne’s home but decided to take a quick restroom break first. He goes on to explain that’s when Wayne flipped, and things went south.

Once the cops showed up for Lil Wayne’s side of the story, he was already gone.

A close source to Lil Wayne has a different story. The source claims that the guard is falsely accusing Wayne and that he doesn’t even have a gun.

Although the police are weary of the guard’s story, they are still going to do an investigation.

Despite everything that happened, the guard does not want to press charges.