• Cierra Wight

Madagascar Facing Famine Due to Climate Change

The WFP has recently expressed concern regarding the food insecurity Southern Madagascar is facing - while claiming that climate change is the source.

Along with poverty, severe droughts have left more than 1.4 million people with food shortages and rapidly diminishing food sources. This is due to the warm temperatures resulting in armyworm infestations and desert locust swarms.

The WFP claims that the number of people who are facing catastrophic conditions is expected to double in October if action is not taken now. The organization currently requires the US $78.6 million to help fight this crisis and have food transported to Madagascar within 3-4 months.

David Beasley, Chief of WFP stated, “This is enough to bring even the most hardened humanitarian to tears. Families have been living on raw red cactus fruits, wild leaves, and locusts for months now. We can’t turn our backs on the people living here while the drought threatens thousands of innocent lives. Now is the time to stand up, act, and keep supporting the Malagasy government to hold back the tide of climate change and save lives.’’