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Manifestation for 2022: What do you claim this New Year?

Can you really attract what you want, with positive thinking and what could go right?

With Manifestation and law of attraction trending, it boils down to this-- if you believe it, it will come true.

Artists like Lizzo and Ariana Grande have manifested their long time goals.

Changing our thinking can be difficult especially in a time that's challenging but you have to start by picturing yourself where you want to be without thinking how you'll get there. Of course there are many ways to manifest something or attract what you want. Here are a few tips from Author Becki Rabin, of ‘You Are Powerful: The Secret To Everyday Manifestation'

"You haven't been clear about what you want
Might sound silly, but do you know what it Is that you want? Like really know. Many people when starting their manifesting journey of course want ‘better’ or ‘more’ but when asked what it really is that they want, they can’t answer. If you do not know what you want, how can you expect the universe to know? How can you take action that is aligned with your desires? How can you go out there and get it?
"The fix: Be specific and get super clear on what it really is that you want! Saying that you want a relationship isn’t enough, what kind of relationship do you want? How do you want to feel in that relationship? What things do you do in that relationship? If you ask for just a relationship and don’t specify, the universe might send you a crappy one! You want jam on toast with a side order of mushroo