• Madeline Foskey-Lott

New Couple Alert! Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are Official

It’s been a year since Kim K filed for divorce from Kanye West and now, she is enjoying a fresh new relationship with Pete Davidson.

The two were involved in an SNL skit together that involved them sharing a kiss. Kim made sure to let Kanye know about it before he saw it saw it happen on the show and he seemed ok with the brief acting.

Rumors of the two dating started to spread and even more so after a few dates happened. Although they tried to keep their dates secret, some pictures of them holding hands emerged. Kanye, who was amused by the SNL kiss, was extremely uncomfortable with their PDA.

He asked Kim to refrain from showing public affection with another man until their divorce was finalized. He claimed it didn’t look good for them as a family or for her in the eyes of God.