• Madeline Foskey-Lott

Olivier Rousteing Hid a Very Shocking Secret from the World for A Year

Fashion designer Olivier Rousteing kept a yearlong secret from his friends and family as well as the world. He is now comfortable enough to share his shocking news with everyone.

One year ago, Rousteing was severely injured when his fireplace exploded in his and sending him to the hospital. Nurses and doctors did everything they could to help him recover while also tending to the needs of Covid patients.

Since the accident, Olivier has been ashamed of his scars stating that he hid his body due to the fashion world’s “obsession with perfection”. He would wear long clothes and face masks all the time to cover up the truth about what happened.

Finally, a year later, he gains the confidence to reveal the tragedy that happened that day.

What do you think? Could you keep a big secret like that for so long?