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Planning on Going to Your Girlfriend’s House for Thanksgiving Dinner? Here are 5 Tips to Help Things

You’ve been dating this woman for a few months now and things are going great until November rolls around and she asks you to accompany her to Thanksgiving dinner with her family. All of a sudden, a big ball of anxiety is hovering over your head and building up fast. Meeting your girlfriend’s parents doesn’t have to be so bad and here are some tips to help you out.

1. Dress Appropriately

It can be tempting to throw on your favorite pair of jeans and your “good shirt” but let’s put in a little more effort for the day. Dig out those nice pair of slacks and that clean button-up shirt you got for your birthday two years ago. Remember first impressions are important and you don’t want to lose points before you get a chance to introduce yourself.

2. Eye Contact

When speaking to others, look them in the eye. It shows confidence and that you can be trusted. Imagine your daughter brought home an unknown man and every time you tried to talk to him, he’s looking everywhere but at you. Kind of shady, isn’t it? Yes. Don’t be that guy.

3. Be Social

This one is for all the introverts out there. When it comes to family gatherings, you’re going to have to be social with the family. Walk around and introduce yourself, talk about the game with dad, and compliment mom’s home décor. Don’t hide out in the first corner chair you see and don’t hover over your girlfriend the entire time. To make a lasting impression, you’re going to have to interact.

4. Be Polite

Don’t make any inappropriate jokes or gestures in front of her family. Save it for home or at the very least when you guys are not in her family’s field of vision. You’re still in first impressions territory and we don’t want anything to go wrong just yet.

5. Help Out Where You Can

Everyone loves a helpful hand so try to give it when you can. Help mom bring food to the table, help dad on the grill, keep the children entertained until the table is set up. Anything you’re able to help with will go a long way.

What are some of your tips that helped you get through a family event?

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