• rjkforever4

R Kelly: Justice has finally been served

After many years of R Kelly getting away with all the foul things, people said he finally got his comeuppance and was ultimately convicted of his crimes. A decade later, multiple women have stepped in to talk about his crimes, and now he got received the punishment he rightfully deserved.

According to ABC News, Monday, a New York jury had found R. Kelly guilty of all the charges placed on him. This decision has the whole world talking, and now it looks like Kelly will spend the rest of his life in prison.

For anyone that doesn't follow him, R Kelly (born Robert Sylvester Kelly) is considered the king of Male R&B for his famous songs like "I Believe I Can Fly, Your Body's Callin, and Trapped In. The Closet." For as good and talented he was behind the scenes, he was not an angel, and now his past has caught up with him, and he's never going to see the light outside the tunnel.