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Say what??!! Kanye West is changing his name?!

Kanye West, arguably one of the most talented and influential rappers of all time; as respected as he is, the latest news is very confusing and weird to think appropriately.

According to TMZ, Kanye Omari West has filed documents in L.A. to change his name to his nickname Ye.

Sure he has many nicknames like Ye, Yeezy, Pablo, Konman, etc. Now hearing that he doesn't want to be called Kanye West anymore is a bit blasphemy.

At the moment, Kanye is working on his new album Donda, but hearing that he wants to change his name is a bit weird because just calling him Ye doesn't sound right.

I don't think die-hard Kanye West fans will accept this because, yes, they may say his nicknames from time to time but, just calling him Ye won't look suitable for his fans.

For his name to be changed, the judge in L.A. has to approve the request, and then Kanye West, as we know him, will be gone forever.

Taking the West part of his name is odd because we're used to sometimes calling him Mr. West respects and honors his family heritage.

We don't know why he is changing his last name; it could have something to do with Kim Kardashian (his ex-wife) still having the West in her name even though she filed for divorce earlier in the year.

Everything that's transpiring is another example of Kanye West saying or doing something wild, which everyone should now be accustomed to at this point.

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