• melissa-mb

Travis Scott Talks in 1st Interview since Astroworld with Charlamagne

Since the Incident that was Astroworld, Travis Scott insists that he did not know how bad the situation was in the crowd.

He claims the person in his ear never told him to stop the show. In the 50 minute interview with Charlamagne tha God they discuss the tragic festival. He feels a sense of responsibility to figure out what went wrong, but did everything he could with the knowledge he had during the show.

Travis says, "They lost their loved ones, I just always wanna be there for them, I’m gonna fix this problem and make sure this doesn’t happen in the future and be the number one voice for this. We gotta figure it out.”

At the end of the interview, Charlamagne asks Travis if he'll ever be able to get over or forgive himself for what happened, to which Travis replies, "It’s tough, my intentions weren’t to hurt or harm their families, I wanted them to have a good experience, when my fans came to see me it's a connection.”