• Madeline Foskey-Lott

U.S. Struggles with Fake Vaccination Cards

As some areas of the States become firmer on their vaccine restrictions, more and more people are looking for ways to move around this. Many Americans are ordering counterfeit vaccination cards from China in the hopes of gaining access to “Vaccine Only” venues without taking the risk of actually being vaccinated. Some colleges won’t accept on-campus students if they can’t provide proof of them getting the shot.

Desperate, people are turning to fraud. Agents have seized hundreds of thousands of fake cards making their way across America. How can they tell if it’s fake or authentic? The overseas manufacturers didn’t bother to proofread their products and shipped them with numerous grammatical errors and incorrect translations. A dead giveaway and a major waste of money.

Many people have been caught with these unofficial cards and have faced some consequences because of it. They are seen as a violation of federal law, and you could be fined or placed in prison for a set amount of time. An authorized card is easy to get considering the vaccine is free in many places. Some people don’t want to take the risk and that’s ok too. What’s not ok is falsifying government documents. It’s just not worth the risk.