• Madeline Foskey-Lott

What Does Today Have in Store for You?


You could experience a mood boost today from having a good support system. Use that energetic and positive feeling towards something constructive and don’t stress over the little things.


Surround yourself with positive people to help you improve your outlook on life. Don’t be afraid to act on a new idea of yours, it could lead to your desired outcome. Things could get rocky today so make sure you take the time out for mindfulness.


Your creativity could result in a special achievement. This could lead to your family and friends planning something special to celebrate. On top of that, there could be a little self-pampering in store for the day as well.


Try some different and share fresh ideas at work. Things may get tricky, but you can handle it. When you feel the need to take some time to find your peace, don’t hesitate to satisfy that craving.