• Cierra Wight

Woman declared dead brought back to life while daughter was in labor

It was a series of unfortunate but fortunate events for the Patten family. Kathy Patten received news that her daughter was in labor and arrived to the hospital, only to experience a heart attack.

Patten was declared dead for 45 minutes after not having a pulse, heart rate or oxygen. Meanwhile Patten's daughter required an emergency C-section.

After a grueling 39 hours of labor, Patten's 8th grandchild was delivered and Kathy was revived just in time.

Patten stated " I'm so grateful God gave me a second chance."

Dr. Dov Frankel, a physician at the hospital stated " You taught us what it means to live. You taught us what it means not to give up.'"

Do you think it's a miracle that Patten was revived just in time for her grandchild's birth?

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