• Autumn Landon

Would You Be Able to Give up Life in Royalty for Love?

If you had to decide between your partner and your status, would you change your way of life for them? A fun question to think about for regular people, but for Princess Mako of Japan she had to make that decision this week.

The niece of Emperor Naruhito, announced her engagement to her university boyfriend Kei Komuro back in September of 2017, finally being able to marry him this week - but the union has not come with out public scrutiny.

Mako wed Komuro in a subdued ceremony on Tuesday, opting to give up her royal status as a princess in order to marry a commoner. She also turned down the $1.3 million dowry from the Japanese government that is traditionally paid to royal women who lose their royal status when they marry. Mako is the first woman to leave since World War II and not accept the financial package. The Imperial Household Agency (IHA) explained that Mako and her now-husband did not want to have a big wedding "because their marriage is not celebrated by many people." Mako gives this as her reason as well for turning down the money.

Mako and Komuro, both 30, appeared in front of journalists for a press conference following the ceremony and addressed the controversy surrounding their relationship. In addition to Mako giving up her royal title, the wedding was delayed due to a dispute over money between Komuro's mother and her former fiancé concerning his having financed Komuro's education, because of this people began making assumptions that Komuro's marital intentions were fueled by money.

"For me, Kei-san is a priceless person.