• Madeline Foskey-Lott

Young Thug Sues Over Missing Bag

Young Thug filed a lawsuit against an Atlanta apartment complex over his stolen bag containing over $130,000 dollars’ worth of items in it.

The lawsuit said that the rapper left his Louis Vuitton bag beside his vehicle at his apartment complex in November of last year. One of the residents turned in the bag to Lillie Bouie who works with the concierge service.

Bouie then places the bag in a secure location and informed Young Thug of its whereabouts stating that they will hold on to it until he returns. She leaves a note with the bag so she could make sure it’s going to the right person.

Another employee had different plans when they handed the bag off to an unknown individual and neglected to inform Bouie of it. The bag has been MIA ever since.

Young Thug claims that the bag had over $95,000 worth of jewelry and $40,000 of unreleased tracks in it. He’s also suing for attorney fees bringing the value of the lawsuit up to over $1 million.

According to the lawsuit itself, the apartment complex did not follow proper procedures to make sure his property was secure.