• Madeline Foskey-Lott

Your Favorite, Real Time, Thanksgiving Story is Going to be on Netflix

Many of you know of and even keep up with the story of Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench and how their strong friendship started.

In November 2016, Dench was sending a text to her grandson inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. The text didn’t reach her grandson but instead was sent to Hinton, a complete stranger to Dench. Jamal accepted the invite anyway and joined the Dench family for thanksgiving.

Ever since then, we’ve seen them spend every Thanksgiving together and inspiring others.

Their story inspired Abdul Williams to write a movie that will be premiering on Netflix.

“We are excited to share our story with the world. We hope it inspires more people to reach out and make connections that they wouldn’t ordinarily make. We are so blessed to find a genuine friendship brought together by God from a mistaken text message” said the pair of friends.

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