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Zac Stacy Now Facing 2 Felonies after Attack on Ex

The Ex NFL Running back is facing 2 felonies after disturbing contents of video.

According to sources from TMZ Sports, "Stacy is facing 2 felony charges stemming from the incident -- aggravated battery and criminal mischief, according to police docs obtained by TMZ Sports.

If convicted, the aggravated battery charge carries up to 15 years behind bars, and the criminal mischief carries up to 5.

In the docs, cops say the woman sustained injuries to her face, torso, and legs. His Ex girlfriend went to the hospital following the attack, luckily avoided suffering any serious injuries. Cops also say the 65"-inch TV that was destroyed is valued at $1,000 and the baby's bouncy was damaged."

Cops say Zac Stacy is on the run following the brutal attack on his ex . Claiming the former NFL running back has fled the state of Florida in an attempt to avoid arrest.

Several NFL stars, including Davante Adams, have advocated for locking him up forever.

Police immediately launched a manhunt after the attack on Saturday, but have yet to locate him.